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Why Study Abroad?

10 Great Reasons to Study Abroad from IIE Generation Abroad

Earn AU credit toward graduation and your major! Study abroad fulfills Gen Ed requirements and will often count as credits toward your field of study. In addition, your financial aid and scholarships apply to short- and long-term credit-bearing travel abroad! Talk to your advisor or the Study Abroad Director for more information!

Travel experience and familiarity with a second language gives you a notable edge on the job market after college. The world is increasingly globalized; American companies increasingly invest dollars abroad, and companies from around the world continue to invest in the American market. Through an employer's eyes, a student who has studied abroad is self-motivated, willing to embrace challenges, resourceful, and able to cope with diverse problems and situations. Experience living and studying in a foreign country, negotiating another culture, and acquiring another language sets you apart from other job applicants.

Immersion is an irreplaceable method of language acquisition and cannot be reproduced effectively in the classroom. Language classes can prepare you for, but not replace, immersion experiences. While studying abroad, you are surrounded by the language on a daily basis; you see and hear it in the proper cultural context.

Study Abroad is essential to developing conscientious global citizens. The experience teaches independence, combats ethnocentricity, and enhances critical thinking. Students who study abroad return home with a broader vision which includes new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture, and with an informed and broader perspective toward other cultures and peoples.

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